Night Air, 2012
Susan Skilling - Reading the World

In the Judi and Harry Mullikin Gallery, MoNA presents Susan Skilling – Reading the World. Skilling has been painting and exhibiting in Seattle for over 25 years. Skilling is an artist who listens...

Benjamin Cobb – Slide: Eosin Stain, 2014, blown glass, 8h x 24w inches
Benjamin Cobb - Natural Reflection
Benjamin Cobb has always been fascinated by science and the natural world. Most recently his focus has been on the internal organs of the body. By creating abstract, stylized versions of...
Rick Araluce - The Ancient Dream
Accreted Terrane

A large group exhibition featuring work by 42 artists with ties to the Northwest region, Accreted Terrane explores processes of accumulation and erosion, dispersal and gathering...

Joe Max Emminger - Holoween Lopez Island, 2012, acrylic on paper; Gift of Joe Max Emminger and Julie Paschkis
Shapes of Abstraction from the Permanent Collection

Shapes of Abstraction presents a study of form and color of new acquisitions with an ekphrastic poem (description of a visual work of art) by Kathleen Flenniken. Curated by Exhibitions Director...

Lockwood Dennis - Pier 62, 63
Regional Perspectives: Nature to Manufacture from the Permanent Collection

Regional Perspectives: Nature to Manufacture outlines the region’s landscapes from a quiet forest to a bustling metropolis. Discover how Northwest artists chronicle our environment, whether in the...

Mark Tobey - Etudes D'Apres Nature, c. 1932-33
To Be Alone Together

To Be Alone Together is an exhibition co-curated by artist Emma Jane Levitt and curator Shelly Leavens, through the Dana and Toni Ann Rust Curatorial Fellowship at MoNA. The exhibition pairs...

Maxine Martell – Red Deer, 2002
Still Life from the Permanent Collection

In contrast to the two exhibitions exploring nature tamed and untamed. Exhibitions Director, Lisa Young examines interiors through the historically rich tradition of the still life. In riotous...

Flora C. Mace - Botanical: Double Iris, 2013, flower, composite, glass and steel, 25h x 16.5w x 6d inches, Photo by Ann Welch
Flora C. Mace and Joey Kirkpatrick – A Tree is a Kind of Big Flower

"A Tree Is a Kind of Big Flower presents botanical sculptures and sensitive casein paintings that pay homage to these artists’ deep reverence for the outside world. By capturing the...

Adrianne Smits
Adrianne Smits - Immersion Redux: Buiten (Outside)

Smits’ painting style invokes similarities to artists of the “Mystic painters” movement in the Northwest, such as Mark Tobey, Morris Graves and Guy Anderson. Smits shares the same appreciation of...


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