Skagit River, Hamilton - Wrapped and Sandblasted Stone
Skagit River, Hamilton - Wrapped and Sandblasted Stone

Exhibition Date: 

March 22, 2014 to June 15, 2014

Reception Date: 

Saturday, March 22, 2014 - 2:00pm

In the Benaroya Glass Gallery, the Museum is presenting Skagit Valley artist Lucy Mae Martin. Martin grew up on the Fir Island flats and learned at an early age to work with her hands, and a deep appreciation for oddities, connecting with people, and adventure.
Martin's studio is an old barn along the slough in the Skagit Valley that her dad helped set up, equipped with a wood burning stove and a beautiful view of the foothills on the east, and the Olympics in the far west. The studio serves two purposes; a headstone business her father owned until 2007, when he generously offered the business to Martin, and two; her art studio.
The artworks in the exhibition are wrapped and sandblasted stones representing a new side of her heavy, creative work life. Martin states, "I am inspired to engrave relief-style because there are millions of years tucked behind the surface of every beauiful, unique stone, and the sandblasting reveals these layers. I enjoy engraving Braille because it encourages total interaction with my work ... I challenged myself to learn this special, honorable way of reading by touch, and am working very closely with Braille institutes so I can better understand and know what I can engrave for people who read Braille. I believe that everybody should be able to enjoy the arts in their own individual way."


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