Exhibition Date: 

July 5, 2014 to September 28, 2014

Reception Date: 

Saturday, July 12, 2014 - 1:00pm

It has been my privilege to exhibit the work of Bradd Skubinna since 1996. Since most of his installations have been site specific there was always an element of uncertainty as to what he was presenting but I have never been disappointed and have watched him with interest improvise on the spot. Born in 1961 in Chelan, WA, Bradd grew up in Spokane. After a short stay in New York in 1998 where he received a MFA at the School of Visual Art, he returned to Spokane where he teaches art at the Spokane Falls Community College and Whitworth University.

This soft spoken artist tricks the viewer by transforming the most banal ordinary pieces of plastic into a super decorative construction. Pieces that would end up in the trash become integrated in an art work which is a treat for the eyes. In Bopulence, 108 x 82 inches, he uses plastic and foil wrappers on mylar to create a colorful work which evokes a stained glass window, the arch on the top adding to the feeling of a church setting.The bright colors and the repetition of the patterns give it a strong rhythmic effect.

In Invocation he uses collages, curled paper constructions, photos, shelves with objects on them and delicate drawings. Again with the placement of the various items the artist creates a lively rhythmic composition. With this exhibition Bradd Skubinna continues to amaze us with his creativity. — Francine Seders

“Objects, materials or simple actions from my surroundings often present themselves as possibilities for art making. The process of making is one in which I try to develop a greater understanding of why I am making what I am making, why I have chosen this way of making it, and what it might possibly mean. The inspiration comes first, and then I try to locate its meaning.” — Bradd Skubinna



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