Holly Andres, The Fallen Fawn, River Road: Milepost 16, 2015, C-print mounted on sintra, 20 x 30”
Holly Andres, The Fallen Fawn, River Road: Milepost 16, 2015, C-print mounted on sintra, 20 x 30”


Saturday, January 20, 2018 - 1:00pm to 2:00pm

Artist Talk with Holly Andres
Saturday, January 20, 1PM-2PM

Exhibiting artist Holly Andres will join us for a discussion of her exhibit The Homecoming. An opening reception of all Winter exhibits will follow, 2-5PM.

This quarter, the Museum of Northwest Art will focus on storytelling in and through art. How can we tell stories through art? How does art spread messages or statements? How many different stories exist in one artwork? In a Ted Talk entitled 2600 Years of History in One Object, Neil MacGregor, Director of the British Museum, described that all objects have a life that is initiated when they are created, and they often outlive the creator. Through their lives, objects also have multiple biographies that relate to current events, people and cultural trends. As we look deeper into the Winter exhibits, let’s think about the different stories told by the artists and lived by the objects.

Contemporary photographer Holly Andres specializes in telling compelling and dramatic stories, often rooted in her real-life experiences. Several series will be on display at MoNA, but the exhibit will begin with The Fallen Fawn. In this series, a woman leaves behind a suitcase with all her earthly possessions and it is found by two young sisters. In secret, the two girls go through the contents of the suitcase and discover many objects associated with adult femininity including red lipstick, a negligee, and high heels.



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