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Carl Morris was a prominent Oregon artist, but he did not start out in the Northwest. In fact, Morris was born in California and spent a few years studying at the Art Institute of Chicago and various institutions in Vienna and Paris. He would finish school in 1936 and move back to California, where he would spend a year working on motion picture sets. In 1937 he would have his first solo exhibition in San Francisco and would be a teacher at the Art Institute of Chicago.

In 1938 he moved to Spokane and became the director for the WPA Federal Art Project at the Spokane Art Center. This is where he met Hilda Grossman, whom he would marry in 1940. The couple moved down to Seattle and established an art school in their studio. Soon after this move they would relocate to Portland after Morris won a Federal Art Program competition for mural in Eugene. Morris has exhibited in both the Northwest and nationwide. For the Oregon Centennial Exposition in 1959, Morris was commissioned to do nine large murals of religions for the Hall of Religion. The American Federation of Arts circulated a large retrospective for Morris in New York in 1960 until 1962. He lived with his wife in Oregon until their passing.


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