Bill Brennen

During his youth in the Yakima Valley, Bill Brennen did not have any sense of direction in life. It wasn’t until he enrolled at Yakima Community College and registered for a little bit of everything, after a friend told him it might help, that he found art. Suddenly he was enjoying school and getting A’s and with his teacher’s support, Brennen enrolled at Central Washington University. While attending Central he immersed himself in art, taking whatever he could to learn more about the subject. After he graduated Brennen continued to paint and got his first show at an Italian restaurant in Yakima after his father showed his paintings to Leo Adams.

As his popularity grew his style changed, instead of figural paintings, he started to paint landscapes and more natural scenes. His appreciation for landscapes grew after he discovered the impressionists. His artwork is present in numerous permanent collections statewide and he is still creating, having over 1,000 pieces under his belt.


Museum of Northwest Art


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