Benjamin Cobb

I love to work with my hands. I started working with glass as a teenager, and have been at it ever since. Glass is a material that can be both transparent and opaque. I find this intriguing, and aim to use these distinct properties when creating work.  I have always been intrigued by science; this is where I pull my interest and inspiration. Natural forms, biology, and botany, from cellular forms to shapes and proportions of people; all of these things inspire what I make. I focus on creating unique objects that are abstract, modern interpretations of natural forms.

Ben Cobb received a B.F.A. degree from Rochester Institute of Technology, New York. He is the lead gaffer at the Museum of Glass, in Tacoma. Cobb’s fascination with biological forms is evident in blown-glass sculpture represented in Seattle by Traver Gallery.


Museum of Northwest Art


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