Les Big Byrd - Two Man Gang - a 2017 single on PNKSLM Recordings.
"Twisted: The Untold Story of a Royal Vizier" sends up the 1992 Disney animated film about a street urchin, a princess and a genie. Lee Williams | Special to The Oregonian/OregonLive http://connect.oregonlive.com/user/leewilliams1/index.html
Portland Opera presents a double bill featuring works by David Lang, including his Pulitzer Prize-winning "Little Match Girl Passion," based on a Hans Christian Andersen story. Special to The Oregonian http://connect.oregonlive.com/user/oliveoregspe/index.html
Thunderpussy - Velvet Noose - from the 2017 single Velvet Noose/No Heaven on Hockeytalker Records.
Here are our picks for theater, classical music and dance performances and visual arts events for July 21-27. Amy Wang | The Oregonian/OregonLive http://connect.oregonlive.com/user/awang/index.html
Captain, We're Sinking - Trying Year - from the 2017 album The King of No Man on Run For Cover Records.
The Portland Opera's 2018 season includes a traditional production of a Verdi classic, another classic as you've never seen it, and a 255-year-old opera's Portland Opera debut. Amy Wang | The Oregonian/OregonLive http://connect.oregonlive.com/user/awang/index.html
Mammút - The Moon Will Never Turn On Me - from the 2017 album Kinder Versions on Bella Union.


On the Boards is supporting Prop 1 because Access for All will open doors to art and culture, creating new opportunities for all King County residents.

This past spring, On the Boards staff and board members repeatedly joined arts and culture colleagues, filling King County Council chambers to testify and show support for this important ballot measure that could bring nearly $70 million a year into King County arts, science and heritage organizations with only a 0.1% sales tax increase.

While it's obvious that our county is flourishing economically, arts organizations are not yet benefitting from that growth in a way that allows us to grow programs and expand engagement commensurately; not all residents have the means to benefit from our rich and diverse cultural opportunities. Prop 1 will change that.

Prop 1 Access For All will make a big difference for On the Boards, to our region, and for our future artists and audiences. 

Betsey Brock
Executive Director, On the Boards


Learn more about Prop 1 — Access for All
Find your nearest Ballot Drop Box (Drop Boxes close on election day, August 1, and 8 pm)

Over the years, Portland has torn down beautiful buildings to build parking lots, and destroyed precious works of art in the name of progress. Here are 14 examples of short-sighted development that robbed future generations of some of our greatest civic treasures. Grant Butler | The Oregonian/OregonLive http://connect.oregonlive.com/user/gbutler/index.html
Songhoy Blues - Voter - from the 2017 album Résistance on Fat Possum Records.
A new theater company, Penguin Productions, plans to bring Shakespeare, and other classical playwrights, to an outdoor stage in Newberg. Amy Wang | The Oregonian/OregonLive http://connect.oregonlive.com/user/awang/index.html
Michael Nau - Good Thing - from the 2017 album Some Twist on Suicide Squeeze Records.
Pickwick - Light It Up (Let It Burn) - from the 2017 album LoveJoys on Small Press Records.
Here are our picks for theater, classical music and dance performances and visual arts events for July 14-20. Amy Wang | The Oregonian/OregonLive http://connect.oregonlive.com/user/awang/index.html
Rainer Maria - Lower Worlds - from the 2017 album Rainer Maria on Polyvinyl Records.
A one-night-only art show full of the life-sustaining nothingness of air by Rich Smith

I was sold on BLOW UP: An Inflatable Art Show one nanosecond after reading the title. A whole room full of inflatable art? Yes. Please. Save me. For at least 10 minutes of my life, let me walk around a room full of bubbly, delightful objects full to bursting with the life-sustaining nothingness of air.

But then, as is usually the case, a conversation with Colleen Louise Barry (the brain behind the small press Mount Analogue), who co-curated the show with Megan Harmon, deepened my understanding of the concept and therefore my enjoyment of life.

Barry told me that visitors will enter the Factory—where the show will be installed this Thursday, July 13, only—through a long, illuminated, translucent, inflatable tunnel created by Seattle Design Nerds, one of four artists presenting work that responds to the idea of "blowing up."

As you walk through the tube, you can bliss out on the lights surrounding you, as if you were traveling through the belly of a giant, cosmic glowworm.

Once you come out the other end, you can select your favorite flavor of Blow Pop (don't take all the watermelon) from an inflatable kiddie pool, or sit in one of the inflatable chairs Barry and Harmon have scattered around the room. Or you can marvel at Amanda James Parker's ceiling of handmade, reflective Mylar balloons as you listen to Peter Dodds piping in the national anthems of nuclear-armed countries and the sounds of "the subterranean impulses recorded by the University of Washington during the latest round of North Korean nuclear weapons tests." On the walls, Guy Merrill will project videos of the sky in various states of destruction and creation. The whole space will pulse with images of apocalypse and ecstasy. You know, like every time you open up Twitter.

"We wanted to do something that felt really playful and colorful and wild and extreme as an act of resistance to the way that everything else feels at the moment," Barry said of her curation process with Harmon. "So it fits in the art series as a moment of us just being like fuck it, let's play together."

{{ image:1 }}

"And it fits in with Mount Analogue overall," she added, "as an extreme manifestation of one of our main goals, which is to blow everything up—just kidding—which is to take ourselves seriously but not too seriously."

BLOW UP is the fourth show in Mount Analogue's summer art series. Each iteration of the series embodies something in the literary world that interests Barry. In this case, Skyspace Bouncehouse by Mungo Thomson, the bouncy castle that graced the cover of Sarah Galvin's latest book of poems, Ugly Time, served as Barry's inspiration for this show.

"I feel like inflatables are having a moment," she said, initiating a cascade of puns and metaphorical free-association that I couldn't and wouldn't stop if I wanted to even a little bit.

"There's something really clownish about it, but when you think about the hyphenated word 'blow-up,' it's actually pretty charged as a phrase."

She went on: "It's the destruction of something, but if it's an inflatable thing, or a story, or something on the internet, blowing up is how it comes to life. Sure, it's kind of violent and unpredictable, but it also has this delightful element of surprise."

"When something blows up, it's dead," she added, "but it's never more alive until right before it dies."

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The Suburbs - Hey Muse! - from the 2017 album Hey Muse! on Suburbs Music.
"We're unable to fulfill our mission," a Newspace board member said. "Our expenses were outpacing our revenue." Amy Wang | The Oregonian/OregonLive http://connect.oregonlive.com/user/awang/index.html
Zola Jesus - Exhumed - from the 2017 album Okovi on Sacred Bones.


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