While “virtual multichannel video programming distributors” like Hulu, YouTube TV and Sling TV are poised to grow, they’ll significantly cannibalize the existing base of traditional pay-TV customers, according to RBC’s analysis. About 15% of the addressable market for “vMVPDs” will come from legacy cable and satellite subs, with 10% from “cord-never” broadband-only households.

"Selected cities in 28 European Union (EU) countries plus Norway and Switzerland have been ranked in a new report and online tool called the Cultural and Creative Cities Monitor. It uses a combination of quantitative and qualitative studies to give a comparative assessment of the cities’ levels of engagement with culture and creativity."

"It remains one of the hottest tickets in town, it is an essential stop for out-of-town tourists, and it has succeeded in attracting a diverse, engaged, multicultural and international audience. It has also changed the center of gravity on the Mall, drawing crowds to its symbolic nodal point, where the Washington Monument connects the White House and Jefferson Memorial to the Capitol and Lincoln Memorial. There is an energy along 14th Street and Constitution Avenue NW that feels new, and welcome, in the city."

"Opera Philadelphia has been planning this for a couple of years: Now, the O17 festival has begun, turning the city into a giant opera stage for 12 days. The company is striking a huge blow for the idea that arts organizations do better to add new, exciting things than to tread with financial caution. The festival is one of the most enjoyable additions to the fall calendar in years; it’s attracting opera fans from all over; and so far, it looks like a success."

The big openings of September have now passed, and the NY Art Book Fair, that cherished summer-closing tradition, has returned to MoMA PS1 for the weekend. The opening was last night, and it was exhilarating and charming as ever, with … Read More
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"Creatively, VR felt like a natural progression for us, and I believe it’s a fantastic medium for orchestral music. 2D video and stereo audio can struggle to convey the complex dynamics and visceral energy of a live symphony orchestra. This could be why livestreaming orchestral performances to cinemas has not had the widespread success enjoyed by theatre and opera companies. An orchestra just comes across as too flat, with the players at risk of looking detached and remote from the viewer."

For decades, Seattle has been a good arts town, with theatres, dance, music and visual artists prospering in a healthy arts scene. But rising rents, a huge influx of new residents and a changing culture are changing the city's culture.

It is indeed a major step for Washington; Timothy O’Leary is one of opera’s leading lights. Having taken over in St. Louis when he was only 33, he has led that company — one of America’s best summer festivals — with notable strength, at once building its artistic profile with an interesting array of work and securing its finances.

We need a cultural plan matching the scale of the crisis, proposing bold, courageous action — but Mayor de Blasio’s “CreateNYC” Cultural Plan disappoints, with its cosmetic and feel-good narrative. Where’s the activist mayor who pledged to fight Albany so that New York City could collect higher income taxes? Where are the City Council members who faced arrest protesting the 2015 expiration of the rent laws?

"The idea that people have different styles of learning - that the visually inclined do best by seeing new information, for example, or others by hearing it - has been around since the 1950s, and recent research suggests it's still widely believed by teachers and laypeople alike. But is there scientific evidence that learning styles exist? 'The short answer is no,' says Daniel Willingham, a psychology professor at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville."

Art Berlin, featured 112 galleries, almost 80 percent of which were based in Germany. The event, owned and co-organized by the owners of the Art Cologne, replaced the gallery-run Art Berlin Contemporary (ABC), which for the previous nine years had struggled to market large-scale artists’ projects within the commercial context of a fair.

"My paintings are, in fact, a confrontation with Surrealism." Read More

"It's part of what the New Yorker calls the 'Peter Pan market': a vogue for youthful things (coloring books, summer camps, even faux pre-school classes) rebooted for an adult audience. And while some may bristle at the conceit - which, fair enough, can occasionally seem ripe for a Portlandia parody - it's worth considering the merits. For some, it might even be a fast-track to recover a lost creative impulse, all over the course of a long weekend."

"For Goethe, world literature represented the bold ideal of a world in which no single language or nation dominated. World literature was the cultural expression of a political order, one in which the world had moved beyond the nationalism and colonialism that were dominating the 19th century. Goethe knew he would have to convert his contemporaries to the ideal of world literature."

"[It] is not the most intuitive of phrases. Although people's pants do sometimes catch on fire, this correlates more with carrying around accidentally explosive materials than it does with truthfulness. Meanwhile, the vast majority of liars make it through life unscathed by this particular fashion catastrophe. The mystery of the phrase's origins is compounded by the fact that several of its more popularly reported etymologies are, in fact, lies." Cara Giaimo gets to the bottom of the matter.

“Here in the ‘City of Arts and Innovation,’ I’d like to see UNCSA lead the branding and development of a vibrant ‘Arts Quarter’ to complement what Wake Forest University has done so brilliantly and beautifully in the city’s Innovation Quarter,” he said.

Playwright Yussef El Guindi: "Americans are so averse to politics in their entertainment that the simple act of including Arab or Muslim characters in a play exposes it to the charge of being overly political or didactic. And if the play is written by an Arab or a Muslim? The writer must surely then be peddling some political agenda. Even if, for example, the play revolves around an Arab or Muslim family preparing a Thanksgiving dinner ... The very act of rendering a group of people usually depicted negatively in a three-dimensional way is deemed a political act."

Alyssa Rosenberg: "In & Out feels both like a slightly embarrassing artifact of its time and an ultimately correct argument for how (lots if not all of) America would change in the decades since its release." On the other hand, "if [the movie] were released today, it would be drowned in an actual flood of think pieces."

"If there was ever a time that the world needed artists, it is now. We need their radical ideas, visions, and perspectives in society. ... The world [can] only be changed by those willing and able to conceive of reality in a holistic and intuitive manner." Hans Ulrich Obrist, artistic director of the Serpentine Galleries in London, sounds the call, with reference to artists from Joseph Beuys and John Latham to Theaster Gates and Tania Bruguera to Edi Rama, they mayor who had the dingy old buildings of Tirana, Albania repainted in bright colors and transformed the mood of the city.


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