"Hays, a college town with about 21,000 residents, is a case study of how the arts can continue to thrive when public funds dry up. But it is also a cautionary tale of the sometimes-hidden costs."

Seeking hands-on thought leader for a newly created senior level position that affords autonomy and creative thinking. Join our dynamic team!

Reports to: Chief Financial Officer


The Mark Morris Dance Group, formed in 1980, is an 18-member dance company that tours domestically and internationally. Live music and community engagement are vital components of the Dance Group. It has toured with its own musicians, the MMDG Music Ensemble, since 1996. Through the organization’s Access/MMDG programming, it integrates opportunities for dance, music, talks, and education at its Brooklyn home, the Mark Morris Dance Center, as well as on tour around the world. The Dance Center, opened in 2001, also provides rehearsal space for the dance community, diverse dance and fitness offerings for adults, beginner to professional, and a school serving students ages 18 months to 18 years in its 7 fully equipped dance studios. Dance Center expansion plans include adding 3 additional studios over the next 2 years.

MMDG seeks an IT Manager that will be responsible for the management of IT across all of MMDG, the development of plans and new initiatives to continually evolve and improve our technology, and the oversight and responsibility for the day-to-day smooth operations of MMDG’s IT systems and support of its users. MMDG recently completed a comprehensive IT Assessment with outside counsel and has just completed an across the board infrastructure upgrade. This is the first time MMDG will have a full time resource on staff devoted to IT. The IT Manager will have the full support of a managed service provider during a transition phase and in some capacity moving forward to be determined based on the skills and strengths of the hired applicant.


Network Operations

  • Maintain a network including but not limited to: Windows 2012R2 server, Windows7 OS, VMware, POE switches, HP network printers, Epson color printer, 6 Lenovo laptops, Bitdefender Antivirus, 7 wireless access points (Aruba), 45 workstations, as well as all phone systems (Telrad Avanti) and lines of communication
  • Provide technical support for 25 full time staff; perform troubleshooting of email, security, server and workstation operating systems, backups, virus infections, printers, point of sale, videoconferencing (Skype for Business), wireless, and the latest audiovisual technology for the Dance Center’s programming and infrastructure
  • Managing the existing IT infrastructure, and ensuring its reliability and security
  • Procuring and administrating all related hardware, software licenses, etc
  • Working with colleagues across the organization to devise and implement system upgrades, in the context of a cohesive and forward-looking IT strategy
  • Responding speedily to any major system failures
  • Responsible for procurement, maintenance, upgrade, and replacement of desktop computers and peripheral equipment
  • Develops permissions and policies for all technology usage at the Dance Group
  • Develops and implements policies and procedures related to network hardware and software acquisition, use, support, security, and backup
  • Develop and execute procedures for backing up operating systems, applications and data (including CRMs) on the network. Maintain an appropriate backup procedure so that data is available in the event of an emergency
  • Maintain schematic diagram with layout and location of all equipment, including type and specifications of all cable, routers, switches, and other equipment
  • Ensure that all critical IT facilities including server rooms, wiring closets, UPS battery backup systems, audio visual equipment, etc. are documented, clean and operational at all times and that critical documentation is developed and maintained

Project Management and Strategy

  • Identify, recommend and implement technology strategy for MMDG
  • Responsible for budgeting and purchasing of all IT assets
  • Work with the Executive Director and Marketing Department to implement and maintain a Digital Archive Strategy for the Dance Group and ensure that it is adhered to going forward
  • Evaluate software applications/solutions requested and or required by departments to support the Dance Groups goals and objectives. Provide the necessary research on alternative software solutions that best meet the user’s requirements and the Dance Group’s budget in a timely manner. A first priority will be replacing existing online school registration software
  • Work with Facility Manager to procure and upgrade security technology including alarm systems and cameras
  • Stay abreast of the latest IT technology trends and emerging technology so as to serve as a trusted advisor to the organization
    IT Support
  • Respond to the needs and questions of network users concerning their access to resources on the network and the operation of various software programs
  • Develop and communicate standards for use, operations, and security of network, personal computers, and data
  • Communicate with other departments to report and resolve software, hardware, and operations problems
  • Consult with department managers to develop system solutions consistent with organizational objectives
  • Evaluate workflows that depend on technology for automation opportunities
  • Negotiate contracts with and coordinates activities of hardware, software, telecommunications, support, and training vendors

Databases / Applications

  • Provide application support for the Dance Center’s key applications which include Counterpoint POS system, Blackbaud Raisers Edge and Financial Edge databases, Microsoft SharePoint, One Note, and Office Suite Applications, EMS Event Management software, SQL Database and Digital Archival software
  • Document each application and create training materials for end users as needed. Train end users on the efficient use of each application so they become self-sufficient in the daily usage of these software solutions
  • Provide support to Database Administrator in the Development Department to ensure data integrity and data interfaces between software applications are working as designed


  • Good communication skills in dealing with colleagues and co-workers; willingness to be flexible in contributing to departmental goals and objectives--thinking "outside the box" and participating as a team member to advance the mission of the Dance Group and Dance Center
  • Familiarity with admission and retail point of sale systems is preferred (Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge and Financial Edge, Counterpoint, NCR, NRO)
  • Ability to take initiative, multi-task and work graciously in an environment with multiple priorities
  • Tolerance for ambiguity
  • Creative and able to implement ideas, yet remain flexible
  • Service orientation and mentality
  • Experience within a not-for-profit cultural or membership based organization is highly desirable


  • Server - Windows 2012 R2
  • Active Directory
  • Azure Active Directory
  • SQL 2012
  • OS - Windows 7 x 64
  • Office365 Email and Hosted services
  • Networking experience with VoIP, Routers/Switches/Firewalls, etc (Sonicwall is a plus)
  • Audio/Video
  • Multi-function/Network Printer troubleshooting
  • Troubleshooting Laptops/Mobile Devices/Desktops etc
  • PC and MAC environments


  • Salary commensurate with experience
  • Comprehensive benefits package includes: Employee Health and Life insurance covered 100%, Flexible Spending Plan, voluntary dental and vision coverage, 403(b) retirement plan, TransitChek
  • Free dance classes at the Mark Morris Dance Center and access to the Wellness Center, MMDG’s private exercise facility


  • Résumé outlining your education and professional experience
  • Cover letter summarizing your relevant qualifications for this position
  • Indicate IT Manager on the subject line of email
  • Applications in electronic format accepted at jobs@mmdg.org

Incomplete submissions will not be considered. No calls please.
Mark Morris Dance Group is an equal opportunity employer.

What is American music? And, perhaps more to the point, why do we care so much? “I remember being asked in Prague not so long ago, ‘What is your obsession, you Americans, with American music?’ ” said Robert Spano, the music director of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, which will perform at SHIFT on March 31. “The only answer I could give . . . was: It’s because we don’t know who we are, and so we’re endlessly fascinated, because there are so many things that make up America . . . so much to wrestle with and balance and try and understand. . . . I was kind of defending our self-obsession.”

"The federal government will devote $1.8-billion more to culture and recreation spending over the next decade, “modernize” the Broadcasting Act and Telecommunications Act, and spend more on official and Indigenous languages, according to the budget delivered on Wednesday by Finance Minister Bill Morneau. But anyone looking for details of the extensive cultural-policy overhaul promised by Heritage Minister Mélanie Joly since the government took office in 2015, will find scant evidence for it in the budget papers."

In a vaguely worded email sent yesterday, London’s Vilma Gold gallery revealed that it would close and begin what it called “a new model of collaboration” with its artists. The news came from Rachel Williams, the gallery’s owner and director, … Read More

"Netflix has morphed into an international service that streams in nearly every country around the world. This fast-paced growth has meant that the company’s dedication to improving models now extends to just about everything it does. Another reveal at Labs Day was that it has even created an online translation test, called Hermes, that helps it recruit the best foreign talent to dub its shows and movies."

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Rarely read but often denigrated, it might be the most maligned, unfairly dismissed and misunderstood book of the post-war era. Which is unfortunate for at least one reason: Fukuyama might have done a better job of predicting the political turmoil that engulfed Western democracies in 2016 – from Brexit, to Trump, to the Italian Referendum – than anybody else.

"Since the election, I have been urgently seeking direction from dramatists in the way a cardiac patient might turn to nutrition and meditation after a heart attack. I have been thinking not just of Chekhov but of Harold Pinter, who is an even better guide to Trump’s brutal relativism and canny opportunism. Pinter’s plays throw into relief the territorial nature of human beings — the way reality, both present and past, is a turf war in which the will to dominate supersedes all other considerations."

Described as the ‘longest building in the world’, the project's concept drawings reveal a skyscraper reaching an apex then curving back down. And featuring an elevator system that can travel in curves, horizontally and in loops.

The dwelling, which is located near the French border with Belgium in a small town called Roche, is a reassembled version of Rimbaud's childhood home. It was here that the late 19th-century French poet wrote his most famous piece, A Season in Hell, when he was merely 19 years old.

Closures of mid-sized galleries keep on coming, with another one now across the Pond: Ibid Gallery, which was established by Magnus Edensvard in 2004 in London, has closed its space in central London permanently. The gallery will, however, continue to operate its … Read More

There are only about 50 lexicographers working at dictionary companies in the United States today, Kory Stamper estimated. But their work, she believes, remains as vital as it was in Noah Webster’s day. “There’s something to having a bunch of nerds sitting in an office dispassionately reading lots and lots of material and distilling the meaning of a word as it’s been used in lots of places,” she said. “It really is this weird democratic process.”

"Drive-ins also appealed to a new audience-a mixed bag of viewers of different classes, neighborhoods, and races. ... They were some of the South's first integrated sites, and African-American moviegoers felt more safe and respected there than in the dirty balconies of Jim Crow movie theaters. Obese and disabled people, housewives and children, and working-class families also flocked to drive-ins. This sense of mixing ... created anxiety among cultural and business leaders and a perception of the movie theaters as 'passion pits' where anything could happen."

"Fluency in English is endemic of the deep class-based divisions that continue to plague Indian society. A 2014 report from the Centre for Research and Debates in Development Policy in India found that only 20 percent of the population speaks English, and only 4 percent of the population speaks the language fluently. The report emphasizes that men in India who spoke fluent English earned 34 percent higher wages than those who had some fluency."

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Well, if "golden age" is the right term. "If you have a massive appetite for high body counts, stunning fight choreography, and general onscreen savagery, Hollywood might finally be meting out enough punishment for you to scream your safe word." Jordan Crucchiola looks at how and why this has happened.

Catalogues raisonnés are many things to many people. As robust tomes that attempt to faithfully reproduce every known work of art by the painters and sculptors who serve as their subjects—say, Paul Cézanne, Jacob Epstein, or even Dan Flavin—they function … Read More

Perloff, who will leave after the end of next season, plans to write and direct on a freelance basis. One of the few women leaders in the still male-dominated American theater, the indefatigable Perloff first came to the 50-year-old ACT back in 1992 when the theater was in disarray both physically, in terms of the massive earthquake damage at the Geary, and in terms of its artistic reputation, which had stumbled in the wake of the volatile Bill Ball era.

According to NPD Group, 2.7 million poster and foam boards were sold in the US in the week leading up to the post-Inauguration march. That’s 33 percent more poster board that was sold during the same time period in 2016!


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