"The plans include Saudi’s first opera house after concerts had been banned for the past two decades. This follows the recent lifting of a 35-year ban on public movie theaters, opening up a what is expected to be a lucrative market. It all falls under the progressive Crown Prince’s Vision 2030 program. These sorts of reforms are revolutionary in what has been an ultra-conservative Kingdom. Women were recently granted the right to drive and attend football matches."

Reviewers are neither arbiters of taste nor are they ushers doing the job of wheedling readers to get under a particular set of covers. Consideration of a book is an engagement with its context, and even more crucially an enunciation of the alchemy between its content and the inevitably subjective experience of reading it. In this sense, the unique subjectivity of every reader will inevitably interact differently with a book; this prismatic aspect of what individual readers “get” from literature is part of the intimacy of reading, its inherently individual aspect.

In the weeks since Austin Opera’s conductor was fired amid allegations of harassment, seven women have come forward to describe a culture of permissiveness that they say allowed Richard Buckley to touch women inappropriately and engage in lewd talk because he was a star.

Copeland said that ABT and ballet in general are naturally moving in a direction that favors gender equality and more diversity on stage, but key to ballet’s survival is the diversification of its patrons, too. “Bringing diversity into the theater is going to keep ballet thriving and relevant and alive. To me, that’s so critical and so important,” she said.

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Around 20 active family estates and foundations are now known across Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Egypt and Lebanon. However, charging up to €2,000 for authentication certificates also raises questions about the motives and expertise of artists’ relatives, particularly where conflict has damaged other archives, museums and libraries.

Samir Chopra: "The Buddha and David Hume considered the self to be a bundle of ever-changing perceptions and thoughts and images. Similarly, I propose a 'self-as-bundled-anxieties' theory: we are a bundle of anxieties; by examining them, to see what vexes us, what makes us anxious, we come to know who we are. Anxiety is a reminder that our selves are rather more diffuse and disorderly than we might imagine, that there are more bits to be seized as they swirl 'about' and 'inside' us."

Marcy Carsey also gave the Los Angeles museum a $20 million gift. Read More

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"This is not merely an idle philosophical debate. Every year, our society invests thousands of hours and millions of dollars in generating knowledge about arts and culture.1 But just when choices about how to distribute resources seem to matter more than at any time in living memory, the arts field’s system for knowledge production, dissemination, and consumption is under tremendous strain, if not entirely broken — a predicament only exacerbated by a rapidly changing media environment."

"'I think there is a domination of Western philosophy, so to speak, in AI ethics," said [technology ethicist] Dr. Pak-Hang Wong ... 'By that I mean, when we look at AI ethics, most likely they are appealing to values ... in the Western philosophical traditions, such as value of freedom, autonomy and so on.' Wong is among a group of researchers trying to widen that scope, by looking at how non-Western value systems - including Confucianism, Buddhism and Ubuntu - can influence how autonomous and intelligent designs are developed and how they operate." (audio)

When we sort through our feeds, “latest” has an obvious chronological sorting mechanism; even “popular” has a fairly clear and agreed-upon definition. “Trending,” however, does not. It’s similar, but not the same as “popular”; generally speaking, it means “popular, in some relative, technically defined way.” That is, the “trending” sections of major platforms are, as of now, algorithmically determined, their contents selected by formulas developed internally at those companies and kept private.

"The internet sank its teeth into a now-defunct Winter Olympics event this week: ski ballet. And it makes sense. When you see footage of actual ski ballet competitions from years past it's hard to deny the novelty of it all, while simultaneously taking in the raw athleticism and artistry of the event. There's also an extremely 'What the hell am I watching?' quality to ski ballet. ... But really, no words can truly do it justice." (includes video)

She was previously curator at Performa and curator at large at the Walker Art Center. Read More

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Concerns about hearing loss largely focus on excessive noise exposure. But environmental noise is just as unsafe. People living in cities are regularly exposed (against their will) to noise above 85 decibels from sources like traffic, subways, industrial activity, and airports. That’s enough to cause significant hearing loss over time. If you have an hour-long commute at such sound levels, your hearing has probably already been affected. Urban life also sustains average background noise levels of 60 decibels, which is loud enough to raise one’s blood pressure and heart rate, and cause stress, loss of concentration, and loss of sleep.

"We should fear Grant Wood," noted art critic Gertrude Stein once wrote. "Every artist and every school of artists should be afraid of him, for his devastating satire." Novelist Jane Smiley travels to the places in Iowa where the painter of American Gothic (and much more) lived and worked - and writes about some of the things Wood wanted to hide.

The Chinese painter's first New York solo show since 2011 is currently on view at Hauser & Wirth. Read More

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The Boston Globe seeks an exceptional art critic for its award-winning arts and entertainment department. The right candidate is deeply knowledgeable, ambitious, and passionate about the visual arts, able to generate ideas that will attract readers both in print and online. Creative energy, high standards, and superb writing skills are a must.

Three years’ experience as an art critic for a major newspaper or magazine is required, and ability to illuminate how the visual arts connect with other subjects across the cultural landscape is especially welcome. Candidates should also be adept at social media, with a knowledge of how to promote their work and engage an audience. Please send resume and clips to Rebecca Ostriker at rebecca.ostriker@globe.com

Collectively, the cities on this list are responsible for generating more than $112 million in wages for Equity actors and stage managers during the 2016-2017 theatre season. The market leaders are Central Florida – home to roughly 1,000 Equity members, many of whom work on Disney productions on a daily basis – Washington, D.C./Baltimore, Twin Cities, St. Louis, Milwaukee/Madison, Kansas City, Denver, Seattle, Houston/Galveston, and Cincinnati/Louisville.

If you don't know him from his old pieces for NPR's All Things Considered or as a panelist on Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!, you've surely heard his voice on ads for Motel 6, a gig he's had for more than 30 years. And that's hardly all he does. "There were a number of years where people thought I owned the motel chain - there's still some of that - and that left some people confused as to what I thought I was doing publishing books and voicing cartoons." Let alone carpentry.

"From the start of his career, Kadare broke with the prescribed literary mode of socialist realism to write fiction rooted in history, myth, and allegory. But he never became a full-on dissident. Doing so probably would have meant execution. ... He saw his books banned and experienced internal exile, but he also served as a minister of parliament. ... He describes his own relationship to the dictator as a game of 'cat and mouse': He wanted to survive, remain in his homeland, and continue writing; [Enver] Hoxha 'didn't want to be seen as an enemy of writers.'"


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